Pipe Loading Transfer Program

By Michael Fung, Andy Fung, Richard H Fung, and P K Fung

There are two methods to pass on design analysis information in a petrochemical plant design: the manual data key-in method and the file data transfer method. The manual data key-in method requires a person to pass on data by manual entry, which is time consuming and error prone when assigning data in one by one fashion. The file data transfer method is maps file data such as analysis results from one program to another program under specific function and criteria.

This project uses a file data transfer method transfer a pipe stress analysis model to a structural analysis program. The pipe stress analysis from 3D plant design software is transferred to a structural analysis program using point vectors. Point vectors are the coordinates relative to a reference point in the 3D plant design. Point vectors are introduced for pipe supports and beams, resulting in pipe support vectors and beam vectors. These point vectors are the unique identifiers (i.e., database primary keys) for a file transfer method between stress and structural analysis programs. File data transfer method enables simple, fast, and accurate entry between design analysis programs.